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From that simple statement made by Norman Alix many years ago blossomed the concept of a Foundation wholly dedicated to the Lambton County Community.

Norman and Judith Alix spent most of their lives in Sarnia. It’s where they worked and where they raised their family. Grateful for the many years of happiness and prosperity they enjoyed here, they wanted to give back to the community they’d always called home.

After quietly providing assistance to several area charities, they decided to formally establish The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation in 2011 to help fund a wide variety of causes in Sarnia-Lambton. Norman passed away in June 2014, but Judith, their son Joseph Alix, and their nephew Adam Alix, now carry the torch, continuing to build the legacy Norman envisioned.


The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation works with municipal and community leaders to identify capital projects for which the organization can make a significant difference. We often choose to fund initiatives that have not been eligible for traditional funding. The causes are diverse but similar in their objective to improve the community at large and the lives of residents of Lambton County.

Board of

Members of the Board of Directors for The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation do not receive payment for their efforts. They volunteer their time.

The Board’s goal is to put 80% of the funds donated by the Alix family back into the community. The remaining 20% is used to grow the capital fund pool and offset inflationary costs to keep the fund strong well into the future.

Rouville Alix


As the visionary and founding father for The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation, Norman was always of the mindset, “Whenever...

Anne Alix


Judith is not only one of the namesakes of The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation, she also serves as its...

Rouville Alix


As President of The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation and son of Judith and Norman, Joe oversees the operation of...

Grant Alix

Vice President

Adam serves as Vice President of The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation. He is also Judith and Norman’s nephew. He...

Streamlined Operation

The Foundation operates in an expeditious manner to identify projects, set specific goals, provide funding and maintain accountability at all levels. It is transparent in its operations with all financial data made public.


Total revenue (2014):

All other revenue $22,928 (2%)

Receipted donations $1,000,0000 (98%)


Total expenses (2014):

Other $22,928 (2%)

Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $1,080,000 (98%)

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Community Impact

Job Creation

In addition to directly benefitting the charities it supports, The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation recognizes its unique opportunity to create jobs in the Sarnia-Lambton area. Hundreds of individuals have participated in building the facilities the Foundation has funded, and similar projects in the future will have the same effect. Additionally, the Foundation’s work results in employment for the some of the people who operate the programs in those facilities.

The Future is Bright

Judith Alix is quick to give credit to her husband Norman for having been the visionary for the Foundation. However, anyone who has ever met Judith knows her passion for helping others. She describes the Foundation’s role as “planting seeds” that the community, working together, can then use to grow a garden that thrives and changes lives.

Judith is realistic in her expectations for the Foundation. “We look for the greatest needs, the projects on which we can do the most good. We don’t have the resources to solve every problem or fill every need. But we can make a difference by shining a light on important causes and setting an example for others to get involved in their community.”


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