Date Completed

September 2016

Amount Donated


The Story


Established in the early 1960’s, Lambton Fairs Association is an organization that meets annually in October following the fall agricultural fairs season. It’s comprised of volunteer representation from the agricultural societies in Lambton County – Petrolia & Enniskillen, Plympton-Wyoming, Forest, Alvinston and Brigden. Their purpose is to meet to discuss ways to enhance and improve the community-experience at the various Fall Fairs in Lambton County. One opportunity for improvement was to provide the community with safe, maintenance-free, and fully accessible bleachers that can be easily transported and set up at each of the Agricultural Fall Fairs throughout Lambton County.


Our foundation understands the need for providing fully inclusive opportunities for everyone in our community including those who have challenges with physical mobility. We provided a $30,000 donation to purchase a well-designed, maintenance-free, portable bleacher system that provide full accessibility so everyone can enjoy the Fall Fair events in Lambton County.


Project Status

The portable bleacher system has been purchased and is being used at various events within Lambton County.


Community Fairgrounds in Lambton County


Lambton County